New pieces, one by one

23.May.2016 is my first new birthday.

15.July.2016 is my second new birthday.

I am currently on a medical LOA.  In May my left  hip was replaced and my right hip will be replaced in July.  I am taking this time to re-invent my professional self.

I have 30+ years as an embedded software engineer with a concentration on embedded Linux since 2000.  As part of my rebirth I am preparing for a new career.  I don’t know what that will look like, I just know I need a change.  For the past 3.5 years I have been working for a DoD contractor on radio handsets.  Not having a security clearance limits what I can do in this role and it is time to move back to the commercial sector.

This blog replaces my original site that was started circa 2002 when I was laid-off from Monta Vista Software.  I was a Field Apps Engineer and my sales-guy quit.  I had 2 years experience with OSS and was hooked.  I made a go of being a consultant and learned after a couple of years that I really needed hands-on project work with OSS to survive as a consultant.  Exit Consultancy and enter Motorola Mobile Devices where I worked from 2005 until 2012.  Google acquired Motorola Mobile in 2012 and almost immediately closed the San Diego office, where I worked.  The lasting IP from the original site are a number of presentations I made, mostly to local Linux User Groups.  These presentations are now restored and available, mainly for historical value to me, but maybe somebody else benefits from them as well.


July.2004North County Linux Users GroupEmbedded Linux
January.2005North County Linux Users GroupEmbedded Linux Without a Target
April.2005North County Linux Users GroupUpdate on SCO Linux Litigation
December.2005Wind River Users GroupEmbedded Linux Software Development
June.2006San Diego Open Source SoftwareEmbedded Linux: Is it Everywhere?
April.2008San Diego Open Source SoftwareGovernment Use of OSS
n/an/a App/Note: Debugging Linux Kernel with BDI-2000
n/an/aUser's Guide: DDD-2000
OSS Presentations from July.2004 to April.2008

This blog chronicles my LOA and my preparation for a new career.  Some of the areas I know I want to cover include:

This is more than enough to get started.  Oh, if the list above and the URL haven’t given this away, I will be blunt.  This is all about Linux, Windows is not spoken here.

27.August.2016 update.  I am starting a contract position with Qualcomm on 6.September.2016.  While I didn’t accomplish all of the tasks I set for myself on my LOA, I hit quite a few.  I was able to keep my technical skills up during my LOA and secure a new position.  I will keep plodding along and working on this blog and it has served its purpose of allowing me to re-enter the workforce with a new employer.