New pieces, one by one

23.May.2016 is my first new birthday.

15.July.2016 is my second new birthday.

I am currently on a medical LOA.  In May my left  hip was replaced and my right hip will be replaced in July.  I am taking this time to re-invent my professional self.

I have 30+ years as an embedded software engineer with a concentration on embedded Linux since 2000.  As part of my rebirth I am preparing for a new career.  I don’t know what that will look like, I just know I need a change.  For the past 3.5 years I have been working for a DoD contractor on radio handsets.  Not having a security clearance limits what I can do in this role and it is time to move back to the commercial sector.

This blog chronicles my LOA and my preparation for a new career.  Some of the areas I know I want to cover include:

This is more than enough to get started.  Oh, if the list above and the URL haven’t given this away, I will be blunt.  This is all about Linux, Windows is not spoken here.

27.August.2016 update.  I am starting a contract position with Qualcomm on 6.September.2016.  While I didn’t accomplish all of the tasks I set for myself on my LOA, I hit quite a few.  I was able to keep my technical skills up during my LOA and secure a new position.  I will keep plodding along and working on this blog and it has served its purpose of allowing me to re-enter the workforce with a new employer.