Welcome to Recipes4Linux 

If you think you're in the kitchen section, think again.

This site is dedicated to providing information for the [embedded] Linux software engineer in a step-by-step format, not unlike Recipes™ in Cookbooks™.  While most of the Recipes™ specifically target embedded Linux issues, the information is of use to desktop Linux programmers as well.

These Recipes™ are especially for those folks who like a little hand-holding when they learn something new.

You probably arrived in our kitchen because you did a google search on open source software or Linux.  If this is the case you have to learn how to mix the ingredients correctly to have a successful project recipe.  Is your project's recipe a recipe for Success or a recipe for Failure?

Linux, as an industry is moving from the 'early-adopter' stage to the Majority, or mass-market stage.  As more projects embrace this technology, the greater its potential becomes.  Follow the Recipes™ 4 Success that we present here for a finely-prepared feast when your open source software project is delivered.




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